Meet Chris!


We sat down with our fourth member of our canning line – Chris!
This Chicago native got up and left Windy City for Music City six months ago. Now, you can find him in the brewery making sure our beer is ready to get up and go to all your favorite watering holes.



So what beer are you drinking right now?

At the moment my fridge is full of Yuengling and Busch Light.

Sounds great. Why that beer?

It’s basically what I pregame with.

So what got you into beer?

Way back when, I was at the liquor store one day with someone who saw a beer with a pig on the can. This was back in the day when I was big on Budweiser. The person I was with thought the pig looked like my dog (I have a Chihuahua that’s pretty gross looking), so we picked it up and I was blown away. Stuck with craft beer. The beer was Fascist Pig Red Ale.

Outside of the brewery- what’s your favorite thing to do?

Try to stay active, go to the gym, walk the dogs, go to the dog park, go out, watch sports.

If you could randomly find your beer on tap anywhere in the world- where would you be?

At Soldier Field with the Bears beating the Packers. Or in Australia.

So if you were on a deserted island, what 5 beers would you bring along?

Anything Tree House Brewing Co. or Monkish, Pipeworks Ninja vs. Unicorn, Mikerphone The Get-Fresh Flow, PBR.