Meet Jason!


Our brewing team is growing!  Last week, we added a very talented guy to our brewing staff named Jason.  So ya’ll can meet Jason and find out how cool he is for yourselves, we sat down this week to ask him a little bit about himself.




So what beer are you drinking right now?

Ayinger Oktoberfest

Sounds great. Why that beer?

 I always drink that beer until it’s gone. You only have two months!

So what got you into beer?

My dad was always into beer and loved sampling different beers. I guess it just carried over!

What made you want to be a brewer?

I loved science classes growing up, actually, I ONLY liked science classes! Also, I need a physical labor job- I couldn’t sit behind a desk. I guess you can throw that I like drinking beer in there as well!

Outside of the brewery- what’s your favorite thing to do?

Working on and riding motorcycles. 

What attracted you to Mill Creek?

I really loved the quality of the beer, the knowledge of team and brewmaster (Becky), the amount that I can learn from working for Becky, how incredible the system and equipment are, and I just really wanted to be apart of a fast growing awesome team!

If you could randomly find your beer on tap anywhere in the world- where would you be?

I think the Munich is really the only answer to this question. 

So if you were on a deserted island, what 5 beers would you bring along?

St. Bernardus Christmas, Devil’s Backbone Cranberry Gose, Ayinger Oktoberfest, Galatic Double IPA from Half Acre, and a Miller Lite with a Jameson side car!

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