If you’ve been following us on social media or Untappd recently, you’ve seen a handful of new, small batch, somewhat off the wall beers pop into our feed under the title of “Brewmaster Series”. We figured we should share some more info on what has turned into a playground for our brew team, and has grown quite a following with our patrons!

This new series will be comprised of several types and styles of beer. It is brewed on our pilot brew system, making each subsequent release unique and worth the hunt. This is our brew team’s playground, and the answer to a beer connoisseur’s call. These beers are available on tap and by the pint only, so our taprooms are the ONLY place you’ll find them –  and to kick the exclusivity up a notch, the pilot system brews in small batches, so each taproom only gets 50 pints each.

Each beer will release in Nolensville first, at 6p on a Friday…as soon as we can get it to the Taproom at 12 South (usually mid-week, following a Nolensville release), it’ll go on tap there as well. Do you want to be in the know first? Sign up for our email list HERE – even if you’re already getting emails from us; get on this one. You’ll get an email announcing what the Brewmaster Series release is for that day at least 5 hours before we announce it to the public.

See you at the taproom!