All reservations may be cancelled until 24 hours prior to your reservation time. Cancellations made less than 24hrs prior to your reservation time are NONREFUNDABLE. If you do not arrive by 20 minutes after the start of your reservation time, you will be considered a ‘No Show’ and will forfeit the remainder of your reservation time. You will not receive a refund if you are a ‘No Show’. Please call the Brewery at 615-776-3377 to alert the staff if you are running late. For help cancelling or for any questions regarding your reservation, you may e-mail or call the Brewery at info@millcreekbrewingco.com or 615-776-3377. Convenience fees are not refundable and will remain as a charge on the credit card


The Golf Simulator Area is for your Golf Simulator Reservation ONLY. It does not include any usage of the Event Space. The Golf Simulator Area includes the couch, two (2) tables, and four (4) chairs adjoining the couch only. You may not remove tables or chairs from the Event Space. If you would like to book the Event Space, please email: info@millcreekbrewingco.com

NO OUTSIDE FOOD, ALCOHOL, OR NON-ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES MAY BE BROUGHT IN OR ONTO THE PROPERTY. Failure to follow will result in immediate cancellation of your reservation without a refund, forfeiture of any unauthorized items, and fines will be imposed.

-No one under the age of 18 Years Old may be in the Golf Simulator Area without adult supervision. All children must be supervised at all times while they are in the Golf Simulator Area and within the Mill Creek Brewing Co. facility.

-Mill Creek Brewing Co is not responsible for any injury caused by the Golf Simulator Area.

Failure to follow any of the rules or signs posted within the Mill Creek Brewing Co facility will result in immediate cancellation without a refund and all guests in the reservation may be asked to leave.