As is the case with most things when starting a brewery, the process takes time, especially with regards to finding and installing brewing equipment.  Exciting for us though, we’re close to being ready to go.

Back in April, Michael and I flew to New York City to visit equipment distributor Prospero and sign on to purchase a fully automated 30 bbl*, 2 vessel brewhouse package complete with 4x 60 bbl* fermenters, brite tank, glycol chiller, boiler, grain mill, and various other items needed for producing huge amounts of beer on this system (1860 gallons per batch to be exact).


IMG_2579 IMG_2584


While much of this equipment is produced here in the states, our brewhouse and fermenters are all designed and manufactured in Europe. Needless to say, it takes time to design, create, and then ship (literally…by boat) these huge vessels to us here in Nolensville.

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 3.38.42 PM



Today we’re glad to announce that the end is near! We have begun receiving various items like:


Our 750 sq ft, 20 ft tall cold room – so we can store finished beer ready to ship out to all thirsty beer lovers!



Our glycol chiller – to keep our beer at the perfect temperature while it’s fermenting.











And our brewhouse and fermenters are complete, tested, and ready to be packed to begin their journey from Europe.

IMG_0503 IMG_0502 IMG_0504 IMG_0505



We’ll continue to post more pics and updates as things come in so be sure to check back on the blog or follow our Facebook page, Twitter, or Instagram for check ins.



(***bbl is an abbreviation for barrel, an old measurement in the brewing world denoting 31 gallons of liquid***).