We’re finally in Spring, and the sun is getting less shy. To celebrate the great weather and the impending start of production at our brand new facility, we’ve been doing some strenuous R&D to make a fantastic new beer. One that stands out from the crowd, one that pays homage to the creek we share our name with.

We searched high and low to find that special ingredient that would make the beer come to life, and we found it. Proudly introducing:




Crayfish Ale


That’s right: we’re dosing each batch of this beer with 30 lbs of live whole crayfish, fresh from the Mill Creek basin. From our brewer Adam: “We found the shrimp taste really balances well with the pilsner malt; it’s like a fresh gulp of seawater on a Florida beach. And since we throw them in while they’re still alive, you get this great added sliminess to the mouthfeel.”

Amazing, we know. We can’t wait to share it with you, but we can’t get it to you just yet. Look for it on shelves next to our other amazing beers later this month.










(and happy April Fools)