Introducing our answer to the craft connoiseur’s call – The Shield.

A series of carefully crafted and highly limited beers, The Shield is comprised of several lines of styles – Double IPA, Rotator IPA, Belgian, German, and Stout Series – to keep the keen fulfilled and the adventurous daring. Each line of beer styles within The Shield will explore the vast potential of that respective style. Whether it’s the myriad of hops and their infinite combinations explored in the Rotator IPA line, or the historic and meticulous brewing styles explored in the Belgian line, The Shield is our study of beer’s unbounded offerings.

Each small-batched beer will be brewed once, with each batch boasting a completely new flavor profile.

The Shield will be available in four-packs of 16 oz. cans as well as on draft. Each Shield beer will have an initial taproom release, with an extremely selective and limited release in their distribution territories (Tennessee, Kentucky, and Alabama).

The first Shield beers, Double IPA Batch No. 1 and Dark Strong Batch No. 1, will be released mid-November.