So… it’s been quite a while since our last post. Apologies! We’ve been super busy working to get everything in place and wrapped up to begin producing beer. Since we’ve been away for a bit, we wanted to share a quick update of what’s been happening.

First things first, we’ve finally got power run to the brewhouse and got it fired up for some test runs. As mentioned before, this is a automated system so all valves for process piping, etc are controlled via this touch screen.



Plumbing has created another minor setback in that we hit rock while putting in our sewage holding tank. This 750 gallon tank had to be dropped 15 feet down below ground — talk about a lot of rock to go through!




While the construction is being wrapped up, we’ve begun receiving our packaging for each brand. Check out these awesome 6-packs and our cans!



IMG_4512 IMG_4513IMG_4676 IMG_4681 12771909_10101124282281138_2394654378332745589_o IMG_4689 IMG_4690


The good news is that we are very close to being able to brew beer— I mean within a week or so! Continue to stay tuned here and on our social media pages for news about beer releases and production updates. We know you’re thirsty and believe us when we say, we can’t wait to get a cold one in your hand!