If you’ve been living under a rock or just haven’t seen our recent social media posts (see here) you may have missed that we’re releasing our beer in cans very soon. The decision in favor of cans vs. bottles is a debate that seems to be all the rage in craft beer right now. The bottle, so classic, high-class, and eloquent for decades has been the beer package of choice for a myriad of reasons. Cans, sadly, have been pushed aside as the weaker option. Cheap, ugly, low-class are far too often the attached descriptors.

So all this begs the question: Why have we chosen to put our beer in cans? To answer this question, we’re turning to the infamous “top 5 list” to show you exactly why. Here it goes:


1. They’re a better package for the beer!

That’s right. Cans actually protect beer from spoiling elements far better than bottles do. They have no lid or cap for micro amounts of oxygen to permeate and cause beer to stale. They also aren’t see through, meaning no light can enter and skunk the beer over time.

Wait, you mean those glorious locknecks don’t ACTUALLY taste better than cans? We all know draft beer tastes better than bottles.  Think of cans like a miniature keg, able to pour 12oz of draft quality beer every time you crack one open. Just make sure you put it in a glass!


2. They can go anywhere!

Unlike bottles, cans are allowed just about anywhere alcohol can be legally consumed. Think about it. Cans aren’t breakable so therefore aren’t dangerous. Whether you’re at the beach or pool, hiking in the mountains, on the golf course, or any other place you just want a cold beer… make sure it’s a can and you’re golden. Remember to recycle though!


3. They’re just freakin’ awesome!

This one was easy. I mean, take a look at how cool these look! Bright, shiny, and full of color. No bottle can ever achieve this level of sexy…at least not as long as they have those ugly bits of brown protruding from every angle of the beers label. Let’s be real folks… bottles aren’t classy. Seamless design is classy. And that can only be found on a can.


12771909_10101124282281138_2394654378332745589_o IMG_4681


4. They have a better PSSTTTT


What’s a PSSSSTTTTT? you ask.  That’s the sound a beer makes when you open it. The wondrous symphony of CO2 escaping its prison is simply a much cooler experience via can. Don’t believe us? Test it for yourself. Grab a beer in a can and a beer in bottle. Crack them both.   Yes the both make sound, but admit it, the pop of the can and the carbonation PSSSSTTT, the clang of the aluminum…that kind of got your mouth watering right? Bet a bottle doesn’t have that effect.


5. Mobile Canning

This is the final reason we chose to go with cans. Canning equipment is costly and as a startup microbrewery with high hopes of going beyond draft packaging, we simply didn’t have the funds to buy our own canning line. Luckily, there are great mobile canning companies out there who will bring the equipment to you.

We’ve partnered with Toucan Mobile Canning, (visit Toucan on Facebook) based out of Chattanooga. They bring their canning line into your facility, hook up to your tank, and can away, until it’s all filled and ready to be shipped out the door. To our knowledge, there isn’t a mobile bottler in operation round these parts, but that’s ok. Even if there was, we still would choose cans… why?

Because they’re a better package that can go anywhere with a better PSSSSTTT, and that makes them freakin’ awesome!