Christmas is just around the corner – 2 days from now! With the holidays upon us, we wanted to share beer recommendations from our family to yours. So we asked our team (all of us expert beer drinkers, mind you) to share their go-to beer for the season:


Becky: “I enjoy Shiner Cheer. It’s a dunkel with peaches and pecans notes. I usually don’t like sweet beer, as this beer is very sweet to me, but for some reason I love it at Christmas time. Probably because everyone else is eating cookies and cakes, and I just like to drink my dessert instead.”

Adam: “Founders Backwoods Bastard. Barrel aged goodness for the holidays for me. Again, I love malty beers, which Founders does well, and then they barrel age it. Can’t go wrong.”

Shannon: “My favorite go-to for the holidays is Traveler Jolly. I was one of the first to try it, and upon opening for the first time, it just smelled like Christmas to me. It is a sweeter beer, but with a crispness and effervescence that reminds me of a champagne. I love a good citrus beer, but the addition of the pomegranate adds a nice bit of tartness that I really love. Really, it is just a drinkable beer that I can pair with just about anything.”

Chris: “I don’t have a brand per se, but I’ve discovered a saison/farmhouse ale is a great beer this time of year. They’re typically light yet flavorful and full of character. The higher carbonation typical of the style helps cut through big meals but also reminds me a bit of champagne making it a great celebration libation. Years past it was the benchmark, Saison Dupont from Belgium. This year I’ve been enjoying the “Classic Saison” from Blackberry Farm in Walland, TN. They’re really nailing it over there.”

Michael: “Definitely the Anchor Christmas Ale. They do a new recipe and new label artwork every year, and they’ve been doing it for 41 years. So it’s nice to see that tradition. It’s also a great brown ale, with a little bit of spice to make it festive.”


From everyone at Mill Creek Brewing Co., we hope your last minute shopping is stress-free (or as much as is possible), your glasses are filled with good beer, and – most importantly – that you’re spending time with the people you love.

Ugly sweaters!


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,
The Mill Creek Team