My love of beer began like most: a college career chocked full of memories revolving around friends, laughter, and the cheapest, pale-colored macro-American made lager we could find. (Unlike many, I did in fact wait til I was 21 to start consuming).


As life went on, my palate continued to evolve…I’ll always be fond of my first craft beer obsession with Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.  As beer flavors continued to appear, choices became more varied, and soon I was a full fledge beer nut.


Reading this, you’d think my love of beer now has only to do with the variety or flavor or some other beverage-specific characteristic. For me though, beer has always been about so much more. In fact, it’s really not about the beer itself; it’s what beer embodies.


For me beer is about community.


What I mean is that beer has this uncanny ability to bring people together. From the bustling beer halls in Germany, to a pool-side conversation, to a stadium full of fans, beer is a common denominator that can enhance just about any social situation.


And that’s what I love about it.

A great friend or great conversation simply gets greater when coupled with a great beer in your hand.




Who hasn’t had that moment when you think “Man, this couldn’t get be any better…“ then you pop open a can and that wonderful aroma of fresh malt and hops hits your nose and you think to yourself: “Ok…it just got better.”


To be honest, my love of beer for this reason is the driving force behind Mill Creek. Our aim isn’t just to make beer, but to make beer so great, so drinkable, that you’re always assured in your beer choice. This community-minded approach to beer making means you can focus less on what’s in your hand (we’ve got that covered) and get back to more important things. Like enjoying the moment around you.


Cheers friends!